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Python Package for controlling Alexa devices (echo dot, etc) programmatically. This was originally designed for alexa_media_player a custom_component for Home Assistant.

NOTE: Alexa has no official API; therefore, this library may stop working at any time without warning.


Originally inspired by this blog (GitHub). Additional scaffolding from simplisafe-python


  1. Check for open features/bugs or initiate a discussion on one.

  2. Fork the repository.

  3. Install the dev environment: make init.

  4. Enter the virtual environment: pipenv shell

  5. Code your new feature or bug fix.

  6. Write a test that covers your new functionality.

  7. Update README.md with any new documentation.

  8. Run tests and ensure 100% code coverage for your contribution: make coverage

  9. Ensure you have no linting errors: make lint

  10. Ensure you have typed your code correctly: make typing

  11. Add yourself to AUTHORS.md.

  12. Submit a pull request!


Apache-2.0. By providing a contribution, you agree the contribution is licensed under Apache-2.0.

API Reference

See the docs 📚.

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